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The Pick n Pay Group is one of Africa’s greatest and most dependably productive retailers of sustenance, general stock and clothing.

We have in excess of 1000 stores, including Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and broadened Family Stores, BP Express stores, Spaza shops and Local stores. We use in excess of 38 000 people and create a yearly turnover of US$6.76 billion.

We welcome people whose characteristics are agreed with our own, to be particular, dependability, genuineness and obligation.

As our characteristics demonstrate the veracity of, we are an association which confides in our family and backings specialist advancement and change. We have strong confidence in headway from inside, while perceiving that people who join the association at all levels convey with them experiences, data and achievements from which we can learn and create.

It’s important that all delegates reinforce our technique and get tied up with our characteristics. Everything thought of it as’, simply through our laborers that we can execute procedures and certification that our dream transforms into a reality.

The spirit that helpers us and gives us our unique character is driven by the characteristics and guidelines that animated Raymond Ackerman to develop Pick n Pay in 1967. These characteristics and gauges are seen as heavenly, and regardless of developing circumstances, new progressions, improved advancement and radical systems, they remain enduring. Take in additional about our urgent guidelines.

Joining Pick n Pay is something past anchoring a livelihood; it is setting out on a calling. Working here transforms into a way of life.

There are an extensive variety of calling courses at Pick n Pay: Retail Management and Buying, Supply Chain and working in our Information Services division, Finance division or Human Resources.

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