SAPS 2018 Jobs application process

Empty posts in senior administration are publicized quarterly and on a specially appointed premise, if and when required. These posts are publicized broadly in the Sunday daily papers (Rapport, Sunday Times and City Press).

Choice technique

Choice is for the most part through shortlisting. The Assessment Center strategy is utilized, and comprises of individual and gathering practices intended to evoke conduct regularly connected with crafted by senior supervisors. Hopefuls take an interest while being seen by extraordinarily prepared eyewitnesses (board individuals). The activities are reproductions of police particular administrative undertakings intended to evaluate administrative skills. They incorporate both composed material and conduct reenactments. (See the photo display for visual material in such manner.)

Endorsement of arrangements

Suggestions got from different boards are arranged and introduced to the national board for thought. All proposals are liable to the thought and endorsement of the National Commissioner. Arrangements on compensation level 13 or more are not viable without the support of the National Commissioner.


Fruitful hopefuls are typically temporarily selected regarding the Senior Management Service (SMS) controls, and are required to submit –

an execution assention

a worker contract

full divulgence of money related premiums

be subjected to an exceptional status.

Affirmation of arrangements

Is viable once appropriateness endorsements and declarations of acknowledgment are gotten from the applicable territory or division, and are affirmed at Head Office. Fruitful applicants are currently given arrangement letters.

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