Department of Water and Sanitation | Job Application available

On the off chance that a water source winds up sullied it can rapidly transform into a medicinal emergency. Water and sanitation masters are in charge of the plan and administration of water and sanitation ventures. Water activities can extend from setting up clean water sources in displaced person camps to dealing with the crisis arrangement of drinking water after a catastrophic event.

Sanitation work could include fittingly siting and constructing toilets or dealing with squander administration in a healing facility


Instruction in Civil Engineering, Water and Sanitation, Land and Water Management (ideally global), or comparative

Huge work involvement in water and sanitation

Involvement in overseeing, regulating and preparing others

Accessible for at least nine months

Ability to work in insecure regions

Versatile and ready to work in a multicultural group

Adaptable and ready to oversee pressure

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