Intercape is now hiring : Applications available

Intercape BOTSWANA requires the administrations of CABIN ATTENDANTS.

Obligations will incorporate, however not be constrained to:

KEY PERFORMANCE AREA 1: Product and Services

Admissions decided as per Company levy structure for pinnacle and off-crest periods (showed on show)

Recharged stock are confirmed and marked.

Stock are represented after each outing

Least necessity of stock available preceding takeoff from Depot


Continuously keep travelers refreshed in transit.

All declarations must be finished.

Declarations must be:




The inviting declaration must be done when leaving from the principal major withdrawing station.

Travelers loading up after the inviting declaration must be educated verbally of landing time at conclusive goal and acclimated with the mentor and wellbeing hardware.

No declarations to be made utilizing the mouthpiece somewhere in the range of 23:00 and 06:00


Awaken all group to help amid the breakdown

Travelers are kept refreshed and educated of circumstance in self-reproachful and proficient way

Focal Ops is educated of interfacing travelers (traveler subtleties, association subtleties: mentor and flight subtleties)

When boarding travelers onto new mentors guarantee that no hand baggage is deserted.

Enquire from travelers whether they have any issues reaching relatives/companions at goal stops and advise Central Ops of all subtleties so as to contact the applicable gatherings

Help Drivers with noting calls while fixing the mentor.


Learn/remember area of crisis hardware amid pre-trip investigation

Play the wellbeing DVD frequently on the way

Travelers not wearing safety belts must be asked for to lock in a benevolent and expert way

At the point when in a medicinal crisis

Demand from travelers to exhort whether a specialist or medical attendant is ready

Contact Central operations with subtleties – current area, traveler subtleties – and ask for an emergency vehicle to meet the mentor at the following accessible town/stop

On the off chance that conceivable, stay with the wiped out traveler to keep him/her quiet and console that a rescue vehicle will meet the mentor ASAP.

Endeavor to move the wiped out traveler far from the perspective of different travelers; on the other hand ask for different travelers to stay situated. (Travelers needing to aid the circumstance might be permitted to do as such if the debilitated traveler is OK with it)


Lodge is kept clean and clean amid the adventure (done at 20 min interims)

Capable blames in lodge and gear are recorded in the mentor blame log book

Report reoccurring issues to the executives/Driver

Keep an eye on the crisis can each 20-30 minutes and guarantee:


Adequate measure of bathroom tissue and handsoap is accessible

Keep half-full decline packs in the cockpit

Gather traveler junk routinely, particularly after refreshment stops

Never leave decline packs beside the street or before structures. Full reject packs must be put in legitimate litterbins.

Scratch PERFORMANCE AREA 6: Etiquette and Passenger Care

Help with stacking of gear and guaranteeing right baggage is issued to travelers

Be first at entryway and help must be given to clients on loading up and leaving the mentor

Extraordinary consideration regarding impeded/elderly travelers and unaccompanied minors; to be situated first floor

Driver to help with boarding traveler/s in wheel seats

Moms with infants are helped

Tidbits and refreshments are offered at the prescribed costs to clients amid the trek

True consideration is paid to client’s needs (Check if each client is agreeable; check and recognize whether each client has an explicit necessities and address their particular needs in a way that keeps up the client’s confidence and upgrades Intercape’s picture)

Minors going on the transport must have the applicable supporting archives to agree to cross fringe laws and in understanding to arrangement rules and terms and conditions.

Client protestations are taken care of respectfully and in a way that keeps up client confidence

On-load up ticket deals (OBS) are done by standard working strategies

OBS tickets are issued in a well disposed and proficient way

Course data is given timeously and on interest

Data, bearings and support is given to clients:

at the different course stops

what’s more, amid crisis circumstances

Each conceivable exertion is taken to fulfill client needs successfully and financially

Help travelers at fringes/traditions with cross-outskirt courses

Relations and collaboration kept up between Cabin Crew

Guarantee associating travelers are coordinated to interfacing mentors in an amicable and expert way

Key Performance Area 7: Pre-Trip Inspections

Direct pre-trip examination (Ensure that amplifier/air con/DVD’s/pots/toilets, lodge and perusing lights and sound framework is in working condition)

Guarantee all:

Safety belts are attached

Air vents must be open

Headrest on each seat and clean

Mentor clean

Report any mistakes or defective gear to Ops before flight

Issue blue litter pack per situate

Key Performance Area 8: En-course Tasks

Defend money and working gear while in her/his ownership

Driver is stayed up with the latest of circumstances on the mentor.

Traveler objections

Traveler needs (air-con/warmers and so on.)

Hardware issues


Correspondence from and with Operations

Sustenance requested for team at refreshment stops

Standard contact kept up with the Driver among 23:00 and dawn

Key Performance Area 9: En-course Administration (Manifest)

Guarantee substantial ticket exists per traveler per trip

Approve ticket number/traveler detail with show

Issuing and approval of tickets instantly as traveler loads up the mentor:

Issue right change to travelers (OBS deals)

Guarantee NOL/OBS are noted accurately on show

Note travelers baggage number alongside traveler detail on show

Approve travelers ID with C/card impression and ticket subtleties

Guarantee every single finished record are joined to show

Vouchers/healing facility frame

Receipts (OBS tickets/Visa impressions) (buys with OBS cash for toll entryways/fuel/stock – Central Ops must give authorization and Approval; name to be noted on show and receipts)

Dropped OBS tickets and Void Form

Prepaid tickets

Show finished and marked before the finish of each outing

Physical money must offset with show

OBS monies to be paid in at closest Depot/Office after consummation of trek

Headcounts must be done before takeoff at all the stops

Record ID No. of traveler who bought tickets online through Computicket (different specialists)

KEY PERFORMANCE AREA 10: Effective use of all frameworks utilized in Intercape

In charge of viable use, precise catching, and intensive record keeping on all frameworks important to perform every day errands

Mindful to guarantee that you have gotten preparing on Move/SOPS/the Booking System/Other appropriate frameworks


Convey uncommon administration that surpasses client’s desires through proactive and suitable arrangements proactively distinguish, survey and oversee lawful hazard

Help associates in the day by day running of organization related assignments

Be centered around giving work of a to a great degree high caliber

Good relationship building abilities

Have a substantial visa for cross-outskirt travel

Capacity to work shifts


Senior Certificate/O Levels

Capable in English

At least 3 years involvement in a client benefit/Cabin Attendant job

PC educated

Client benefit understanding

Occupation Type: Full-time


lodge chaperon/have: 3 years (Required)


English (Required)

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