Clerk position at Gauteng government offices


Kufunwa I-Admin Clerk for I-opening ekwa Gauteng Department of Health. Shutting date 22 March 2019.


• Senior Certificate/Grade 12 bolstered by pertinent authoritative experience.

• Computer proficiency and productivity in MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint is necessary.

Abilities and Competencies

• A legitimate driver’s permit (Code B, EB or C1) is necessary.

• Knowledge and comprehension of every administrative system administering the Public Services.

• Overall information of government’s change arrangements and needs is a need.

• Good correspondence, relational, detailing and composing abilities.


• Manage and administrate the Post Mortem Operational office to give proficient and powerful managerial administrations to every single related partner.

• Daily refreshing of pertinent registers and MS Excel spreadsheets to guarantee that measurements are accessible on a day by day/week by week/month to month premise as asked.

• Typing of incineration archives.

• Keeping record of all unidentified and unclaimed human stays, notwithstanding all human stays away.

• Manage the organization and recordkeeping of the arrival of human remains.

• Verify that all memorial service funeral director administrations produce or submitted substantial Regulation 363 declarations of fitness before arrival of human remains.

• Taking of minutes, and composing of minutes and motivation when required. NB: That the fruitful applicant must be eager to benefit him-/herself for the performing of some other managerial obligations at the office (e.g., HRM, Assets, PM Report Administration) as might be required by the executives.

• Job pivot to perform other regulatory obligations is, along these lines, incorporated into this post.

Sicela ufunde I-set of working responsibilities ngokupheleleyo before u-aplaye.

Kindly cofa kule catch isezantsi to apply for le opening

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